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Thoughts in remembrance of 911

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TRIGGER WARNING: The usual suspects may feel inclined to want to vomit about this - if so, then kindly follow these directions:
...Therefore, I would request that, if anyone of whatever religio-political ideological persuasion feels inclined to vomit their personal and peculiar negativism, vitriol, bile, hatred, theories or strongly-held opinions on this matter, or otherwise defecate on it in some way, could they please refrain from doing so here and do it in the Basement thread: 911 HATE - hate what you hate or what others like or dislike about it.

(Don't worry, they have a toilet down in the Basement too, if you can't seem to stem the flow once you get started, but please bring your own toilet paper.)
-IainB (September 15, 2014, 07:40 AM)
--- End quote ---
Since there has apparently been a pause of 2 years in any remembrance on this topic, in this thread, I thought I would pass on a lovely remembrance that I spotted at


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