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Jerry Pournelle - R.I.P.

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How sad. What an imaginative and intelligent person!

I remember his column in the old Byte magazine.
-mouser (September 09, 2017, 07:44 PM)
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His Chaos Manor column in the paper edition of Byte was the first I read whenever I could buy a copy in the local bookstore (a subscription was way too expensive for EU citizens), much like IainB.
Very inspiring, full of humor and always relevant, at that time.
He wil be missed.

He wil be missed.
-Ath (September 10, 2017, 03:43 AM)
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Indeed he will. Sad.  :(

So much of his work is not in electronic format and out of print- it's sad.

Someone put it better than I could - Goodbye to the most tireless ambassador of the future.  He collaborated with one of my favorite authors, Steven Barnes, a lot to great success (Beowulf's Children, The Legacy of Heorot).  A bit from him about Pournelle:

Steven Barnes, with whom Pournelle collaborated on several novels, told me in an email that “he was an absolute original, one of the best and smartest men I’ve ever known.”

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EDIT 2017-10-11: Info (edited/abbreviated) from added to post above re "There Will Be War -
 Volume I"


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