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Jumpy: Animated videogame short

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I like Iain's interpretation as well.. This is a a good exercise.

It's when the player presses the reset button that the epic journey happens, and going back to the beginning, at the end, seems fine.
As a metaphor, that's open to different interpretations -- as you were saying earlier mouser, that makes it interesting.

I was starting to post one interpretation, but didnt want to pin it down :p

I just accidentally rediscovered this through the music. I had another album by Luminist on my Bandcamp wishlist and decided to look through his other stuff and found the track for Jumpy. I read the description and looked at the cover art and it all started to come back to me, so I came back here to this thread.

Watching it again, I realize the problem is one a lot of players seem to have. The player was not holding down the run button! :P

As someone who has been playing Super Mario games since the beginning, it's really weird to me to see how many people play the Mario games and almost never press the run button. Whereas from my viewpoint, I think a person should almost never let go of the run button in these games if they want to make all the jumps and finish before the timer runs out. :)


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