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60 years. Am I now allowed to be grumpy?

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Yeah, my b-day is today, the 8'th of September. But the age is 60 now. Ouch, 60!!

.. you come across as someone young at heart  :) -Darwin (September 05, 2007, 09:51 PM)
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I wil take it as a compliment: Thank you, Darwin,....I think.  8)
Curt - in case I miss it - Happy Birthday! -Darwin (September 05, 2007, 09:51 PM)
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Thank you, Darwin! Actual (sorry!), I am a little afraid I might miss it myself...
-Curt (September 06, 2007, 02:41 AM)
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I didn't miss it back then, and I didn't miss it today either. It was nice to be celebrated at work, and I am looking forward to my party tomorrow. What freaks me out is that 10 more years passed by just like that! It's terrifying how fast time goes by. But you won't understand it if you still are young.

"60". Hm... there is something about this number. Am I now allowed to be grumpy?

Definitions of grumpy
bad-tempered and sulky.
"Read a selection of past interviews and you're left with a picture of a truculent, grumpy old curmudgeon."
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Happy Birthday!

Stoic Joker:
"60". Hm... there is something about this number. Am I now allowed to be grumpy?
-Curt (September 08, 2017, 12:39 PM)
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If you have to ask...then no. Grumpy is something that you lay claim to all on your own. If you're still waiting to get permission to be grumpy you're just not ready for it yet. You have to first stop worrying about other people thinking it "ok"...  :D

I've been "grumpy" since I turned 50 a few years back ... But I've always been ahead of the curve in all the wrong places..  ;)

Happy birthday, Curt!!!!

I have to agree it is terrifying how fast time seems to fly as you get older.

Grumpy not allowed, but since turning 70, I have been allowed brief spurts of anger  :tellme: >:( :Thmbsup:.  BTW, how is the hand?


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