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IDEA: (10+2)*5 Timer

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Wouldn't that be somehow related to vista? It's not the first time i've seen trouble with settings not being saved/loaded with vista, IIRC.
-jgpaiva (October 08, 2007, 09:22 AM)
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I don't know...the user didn't specify what version of Windows, and as far as I know, that Vista problem only occurs when the settings are saved to a file in the application's folder, which my program doesn't do. All settings are saved to the registry, under current user.

If it is a Vista issue, I don't think I can fix it. I wouldn't begin to know how, and I couldn't test it because I don't have vista.

This is why I don't officially support Vista in anything I write...I can't.

This is the first report of a problem like this since I released it over a year ago.

About the only thing I can suggest is to uncheck the box on the prompt that says "Always ask before opening this file" before clicking the 'run' button.

I don't know if that will make a difference or not.

hey! I´ve put you on Wired´s Wiki:;action=display;category=Work

Any chances you will be implementing the web/app block feature soon? I would like to set up a bounty or something similar for these features to be implemented. Thanks for your support!

I didn't ask what OS they were using...I'll find out. (duh...sorry.  :-[)

They are using XP, so that doesn't seem to explain it.  Apparently another person is having a problem with a mystery extra 23 minutes added on to their total time.

I have tried unchecking the box on the prompt-- it keeps the prompt from coming up each time, but does not solve the 'system reset' problem.

I'd like to verify that I am saving these files to the correct folder(s). How can I check that mine are saved to the registry, as suggested?
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The discussion thread about it is

Thanks for your help.

About the extra 23 minutes...

Is that on every run that it is adding an extra 23 minutes each time? or did it just start on the first run with 23 minutes on it already?

If you could, please pass on the link to my contact page and tell them to get in touch with me directly so I can get all info needed about these problems:


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