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FINISHED: Folder Icon Generator - Customize the picture inside your folder icon

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 :) Try ImagesToIcon! It will create an icon from three images drawn on top of each other.

FINISHED: Folder Icon Generator - Customize the picture inside your folder icon

Use 256x256 pixel PNG-files for File1 and File3. File2 can be PNG, JPG or BMP and is resized to 216x216 pixels.
The file Icon1.ico is created in the selected folder, and renamed automatically if the file already exists.

The first time it runs, it downloads and unpacks ImageMagic and three test PNG-files. Also, the last used files and folder paths are saved to ImagesToIcon.ini.


I didn't try yet the new ImagesToIcon,
but I did some tests, and I figured out that, if you edit the desktop.ini file within the created folder, you will be able to move/rename the created folder as you wish.
You need just to remove the path part like this:

--- ---[.ShellClassInfo]

--- ---[.ShellClassInfo]
Another thing to add, a suggestion, you can make 2 checkboxes:
[ ] Create a folder
[ ] Create a FolderIcon.ico

If user check the both 2 checkboxes, it means you need to create 2 icons:
1 hidden icon for the new created folder, within the folder like the file desktop.ini
1 not-hidden icon as FolderIcon.ico

It's always better to have an open-source code, for customization.

It doesn't download ImageMagic, here you can get it manually

Do you know how to control the size/position of the icon inside?



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