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FINISHED: Folder Icon Generator - Customize the picture inside your folder icon

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@Stamimail: Added a folder to the icon, sorry I didn't interpret your description correctly the first time. Download the Folder.png and Flip.png and place them in the same folder as the script.

About the unicode filenames, did you download the unicode version of AutoHotkey?

I also removed the path of the icon-file to make it work if a folder is moved.

Yes. How the result should look:
Take any image you want, place it in a folder, and renamed it to: Folder.jpg (or Folder.gif).
Now, you can see the desired result.

The problem with this method is - it works only for Thumbnails view. It won't work for Details view.

1. You can find Folder and Filp icons in I had attached, or you can extract from imageres.dll.
2. There still issues:
a. The Folder created, created in the Root (D:\), and not for the chosen folder.
b. There is a problem with the resolution of the result. It should be 256x256 for Extra Large Thumbnails view.

There is a question to be asked:
Where is better to save and load the image icon from:
- Within the chosen folder - Each folder has its icon.
- Dedicated icons folder of User - One icon for multiple folders.

IMO, you will have to use the second method, to load the icon from a "Dedicated icons folder of User", because if you will put the icon within the folder, it will no longer work when the folder path will changed/renamed.

As you have already understood, the new icon will consist of three layers.
1. Folder png [256x256]
2. User Image [Resized to: ???][I don't know what's default. It will be advanced if the user will able to decide on resize and location X Y Z]
3. Flip png [256x256]

I think it will be better to give the user the default folder pngs: 1. and 3.
so that he will be able to replace the 1. and 3. layers with other folders templates.

Now that I'm thinking about it,
there are some cases that the user needs only the icon, without applying it on a chosen folder, like if he wants to use the icon in Classic Explorer Bar of Classic Shell.
So I think that this progam should only create an icon. (and not trying to apply it on a chosen folder)

For generation icons, maybe ImageMagick is a better tool? You can layer and position images, and export them to an icon, all using the command line.

FINISHED: Folder Icon Generator - Customize the picture inside your folder icon

Download and install ImageMagick here.

Here's a script that resizes 2.jpg,
merges 1.png, 2.jpg and 3.png,
saves the result as icon.ico. 

Save the script at Merge.cmd in the ImageMagic folder, also either place the images here, or change the script to point to the correct images.

--- ---convert.exe 2.jpg -resize 216x216 output.png
convert.exe 1.png output.png -gravity center -composite output.png
convert.exe output.png 3.png -gravity center -composite output.png
convert.exe output.png -define icon:auto-resize=256,128,64,48,32,16 icon.ico


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