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FINISHED: Folder Icon Generator - Customize the picture inside your folder icon

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I'm using W7.
Look at these folders icons:

Do you think is it possible to make a program that:
1. Take (load) any picture (png, bmp, jpg, ico ...)
2. Creating a folder icon with this picture inside.

I think the default Windows folder icon is located here:
(zip attached)

The result will be:
or better

:) Try ImageToFolderIcon! Choose an image file and a folder, and it will change the icon of the folder.

FINISHED: Folder Icon Generator - Customize the picture inside your folder icon

It's a first draft, test it and give me some feedback. You may have to restart explorer.exe or your computer to force the folder icon to update, I'll see if there's a solution to this.

Save the script as ImageToFolderIcon.ahk. Download and install AutoHotkey to run the script.

06.09.2017: Added folder image to icon. Download and place Folder.png and Flip.png in the same folder as the script.
06.09.2017: Made the icon path relative to allow for moving of folders.


There were some issues:
1. I think it doesn't support unicode. I have unicode in my paths.
2. It needs to put a image in a folder, and not to change the whole folder icon to other image (can be done by properties > customize).
3. When you Rename the folder name, the image is lost. It is not happening when you using properties > customize.

I think it will better if:
The result will be:
--- End quote ---
because the user must save the icon somewhere in his computer.
I for example, have an Icons folder for these tasks.

Thanks, Skrommel!

Crap...thought I posted in this thread already.  This has been requested before; check here for some alternatives by myself and c.gingerich:

skwire: that I read the initial post more closely, the request is a bit different from the thread I mention.  I think the OP wants a program that will take two images (the folder image and the "custom" image) and then make a composite of them.  Is that correct, Stamimail?


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