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Red Box Capture Mode


When I try to do a scrolling window capture using the Object and Scrolling Window tool, I do not get the "red outline" that I can move around with my cursor. What am I doing wrong, or, which settings may I have incorrectly set?

I am having this issue when scrolling web pages.

Thank you.


What exactly happens when you try to trigger the object capture mode?
Can you check your "Selection Capture Options" tab and make sure the Red Box Capture Mode is not set to "Never"?

The Red Box Mode is set to "Object Mode"
The Red Box Capture Mode is set to "Objects not Regions"

Is this correct? 

When using Microsoft Edge with the screen maximized, I can see the smallest part of the red outline box at the bottom of the screen.  When the screen is "restored down", I see the red outline box around the complete scree rather than around the scrollable section of the screen.  When I perform the scrolling capture and hit the "test" button, I can see Screenshot Captor scrolling the screen for the test, but then I get the message that there is only one page of content.

I just tried Google Chrome and that seems to be working.

Try the manual scrolling capture mode, see if that works.


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