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Reliable Web Hosting for $5 or less?

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I wonder if anyone can do me a favor and just type
in any browser?

It seems the name servers for hawkhost are blocked on this WiFi.  But the really weird thing is even typing in the ip address in the address bar gets me a 404 error.  Pretty weird.

Chrome on Linux works fine for me

Chrome on Linux works fine for me

-rgdot (February 19, 2015, 10:09 AM)
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Thank you.  I suspected it was this WiFi.  They may be blocking other dns so that their filters aren't bypassed.  Everyone is so paranoid about copyright this and that.  :)

Seems like it's slowly coming into shape.  I'll have to find a WiFi that doesn't block ftp uploads.  It's a pain using those grids to upload via the web clicking on each file individually.  Ugh.  :)

Yay!  It propagated.  Am I allowed to post that?  I don't want people to think I have sesquipedalian proclivities.  Heh heh heh   :Thmbsup:

This is a bit of a necro-thread revival, but...

I just learned about which offers $1/mo shared hosting plans.

Do you like paying extra so other people can ask amateur questions? That's how it is at other hosting companies where beginners and experts pay the same price. Beginners drive up the cost by asking a lot of novice support questions while the experts don't contact support. That is great for amateurs, and unfair to the experts like you.

No Support Linux Hosting has a completely different business model. We ignore the support questions, and pass the savings on to you! If you are an expert who does not want to pay extra for help with amateur support issues, then you can host with us and save big money.-
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