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In search of a lightweight multi-user cms/blog for hosting coders

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A very minimalist example:
In search of a lightweight multi-user cms/blog for hosting coders

In search of a lightweight multi-user cms/blog for hosting coders

In search of a lightweight multi-user cms/blog for hosting coders

Hub start page:
In search of a lightweight multi-user cms/blog for hosting coders

A very minimalist example:
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-mouser (October 24, 2017, 07:11 AM)
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Looks good  :Thmbsup:

From the screenshots you can see the basic idea -- a dc members page is a blog and a download repository for the coders software.  The blog functionality is standard wordpress; the download repository is handled by a plugin that handles the display of the downloads (both as a master searchable list and as individual pages) and makes it easy to add new downloads, update new versions, track download stats, etc.

To elaborate a little on what I am trying to do.  I think the current solution satisfies all of these requirements handily:

* I want us to be able to easily create and host small websites for dc members that are coders, where they can have a clean website and host their software.
* I want us to be able to very very easily maintain and backup these sites using a single simple interface.
* I want us to be able to keep these sites secure with little effort, without having to keep track of updating lots of different software packages, etc.
* I want it to be very easy for the coders to have basic site functionality out of the box including a blog, a contact page, and a nice downloads area for their software.
* I want to let the dc member customize the appearance of their site and do fancy stuff, but be able to use a standard look that is elegant out of the box if they don't want to mess with it.
* Ideally it should be easy for a coder to export their site data and migrate to another hosting solution.

Anyone have any additional features they'd like to see on the dcmembers sites?
Any wordpress folks have favorite plugins that they think would be useful to make available on member sites?

@mouser: Rather interesting!
Looks like your approach has effectively differentiated between what could be called "the business issues" and "the technical issues", and of course the all-important business requirements, some of which requirements were apparently formerly not achievable with the past technological path taken.

Nice going.
I say that because there will generally always be potential downsides/risks to using one technological approach versus another, but these risks will rarely be absolute or last indefinitely - i.e., technology is generally imperfect and not in a steady-state but tends to improve/evolve, over time. For example, witness the life-cycles of MS Windows OSes.
In terms of engineering a solution, the recommended approach is generally to focus on the business requirements/drivers, and - rather than be blind to the risks - consider/identify flexible mitigation strategies to minimise/avoid the potential technical risks in the future perspective. You seem to have done that to some extent.

Of course, business requirements are likely to change over time as well, so, backwards and forwards compatibility and consideration of potential migration strategies become important too, and you seem to have that in mind also.


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