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In search of a lightweight multi-user cms/blog for hosting coders

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Will there be other requirements for getting a page other than just being a DC Member?

Yes.  We're not going to be creating hundreds of these sites.  They will be for established members of DC who have demonstrated that they are trustworthy and have something to contribute.  It will mostly be for coders who have software to share, though non-coders who will be blogging regularly would be eligible too.  And in order to reduce security risks we will want to know some real information about the people we give accounts to.

What we could also do as well is have a catch-all member web page where we could give restricted access to a larger number of people, combined into one account.  That might be more appropriate for one-off software releases, etc.

Does that make sense?  Did you have some specific concerns or ideas/suggestions?

Yes, it makes sense.  Just wanted to know whether there was to be some sort of criteria.

^ Looks good
-tomos (October 27, 2017, 11:27 AM)
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Another set of items on the dcmembers wish list is:
1. subdomain urls like we currently have (e.g. instead of
2. option to use top level domains, so a dc member could register on their own and use THAT to point to their site); this would be ideal for people who might one day want to move away from dcmembers hosting.
3. ssl certificate support for the above cases.  for the subdirectory case ( this is trivial; for subdomains it can be done with a wildcard certificate, which could cost real money.  For remapping top-level domains to a wordpress multisite network.. I don't know.. it might not even be possible..


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