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ERROR after upgrading Windows

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Hello everyone.

I have upgraded my PC from Windows 8  to Windows 10. But after upgrading i cannot open one very important .DOC extension file which was on my flash drive.
Getting a message saying 'ERROR. The file can not be accessed'.

Any thoughts please?

1.) Are you using WordPad to open this .DOC file? Changes between versions of WordPad in Windows 8 and Windows 10 might prevent the file being opened.

2.) If you use Word 2007 or later to open your .DOC file, did you alter options in the 'Trust settings' from Office? Review these yourself or if you don't know, let someone with knowledge/experience do it for you. Then, if possible, save your .DOC file as a .DOCX file to make it more future-proof. This has to do how the document is structured. Say, for example, you have made a document with Word version XP and saved it as a .DOC file. If you want to open this file with Word version 2010 or later, Microsoft deems the file and how it is structured to be unsafe and therefore won't open it by default. You must enable this by adjusting the 'Trust' settings.

3.) Download a (portable) version of LibreOffice (open source and free) to open your .DOC file. Then, if possible, save your .DOC file as a .DOCX (or .ODF) file to make it more future-proof.

Have you tried opening the file on another computer, and does that work as expected?

Close Word.
Search files and folders for
rename all you find to anormal.dotm
Open Word (do not click on an existing document)
Word will create a new template.  Close Word.

If it does not help you can find more information here [URL REMOVE BY MODERATOR]

Looks like a classic example of the ol' bait and switch spammer.

New account (tricksy spammer) asks seemingly innocuous question. Regular forum members respond with helpful replies. A couple days later another new account (but still the same tricksy spammer) answers the original inquiry with a spam link to a sketchy website.


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