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Automated ftp uploads

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Thank you mwb and wraith for your suggestions and thank you mouser for your expert recommendation. I have Screenshotter installed and running. I like its basic, no nonsense approach. My task is to find a low cost/free directory watcher to work with it. Watch Directory works well but it's too pricey. Others are somewhat high end. The search continues.

Let us know what you find -- there has to be a good free one.
I actually have a reasonable fire watcher tool that I wrote and never released.. Maybe with a bit of work it could be improved with some ftp and other abilities..

My old programme, "myDesktop Online" has come good on me. It has been monitoring and ftp'ing reliably for 6 days. The ftp function uploads seismograph images, in near realtime, to the web from my seismometer, which resides with me on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus (itself in a very active seismic zone). Today we got great captures of the M8.1 Mexico Pacific Coast event (12300km distant) - and my followers were delighted to be able to track its seismic data on the web. At some point 'old (not so) faithful' will have to go but right now, thankfully, it is buying me a little time.


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