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Who uses a 3d printer?

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Most of the fun in 3d is in designing objects, IMHO, not waiting for the printer to churn out the object.
I'd either use the 3d printer of a local hackerspace or computer group, or order online with one of the many 3d printing services. The last category will have several quality-levels in printing available, for very reasonable prices, and they will have to replace/repair the printer when it is worn out or broken... So basically just a simple cost-benefit strategy for me.
Only if you need the object 'right now' and/or prototype a lot, a self-owned 3d printer would make sense, but for those users the low-end of the price range wouldn't be sufficient, and you'll end up in the $1500+ range.

Well, that's just my 2 ct.

(Next up: back to brushing up my 3d design skills :tellme:)

I printed one of these (had to scan it first).

Who uses a 3d printer?

SpoilerCall me when they are 4D

I ended up buying one.. discussion continues on this thread:


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