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Who uses a 3d printer?

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My god the 3d printers are getting good and cheap.. So tempting..  Anyone enjoying one currently?

Nice to see how much more consumer friendly they're getting as far as initial setup and calibration goes.

This is the first time I've heard of the flexible filament. That's really cool!

Word of caution.
I don't know whether the technology has changed since this was reported in January 2017, but this would seem to be a very cautionary tale: Berkeley Couple's Death Linked To Carbon Monoxide, Possibly From Laser Cutter Or 3D Printer

This otherwise apparently intelligent couple must have unfortunately been ignorant of the function and operational chemistry of their favourite output peripherals. They unwittingly risked their lives, and they paid for it with their lives (and their cats' lives). Ignorance is bliss?
I'd recommend one avoids any live person/creature being shut in a confined space with any thing that outputs carbon monoxide and/or is parasitic of oxygen - unless the objective is to cause death, of course (as in suicide).

This caution would apply to (for example):

* operating 3D printers in a room with poor/no ventilation.
* operating a portable gas room-heater or BBQ in a house or a caravan with poor/no ventilation).
* operating a gas-fired room-heater in a room with poor/no ventilation.
* running a car's engine in a garage with poor poor/no ventilation  - e.g., with the garage doors shut.
* passengers in a car which has a leaky exhaust manifold.

Here , in Tenerife, I have assisted to events with 3D printers.
Seems a tool for graphical designers and for special purposes.
And basically for makers. In Tenerife almost no industry. Only turism.

But any 3D printer needs a 3D sensor prior to capture the model.

I am searching for a couple of yerars for a tool able to measure locals (rooms) at a reasonable price.

The cheapest and with some possibilities seems to me from Occipital using an iPad.

The distance for scanning is up to 3.5 meters (in a couple of years from 3.00 to 3.50 meters). The expensive sensors from FARO or Leica I can't afford.

The 3D printers seems to theorical design. You can't do metal pieces or construction projects seriously.  These machines are limited - as a reasonable target - for not making weapons.

When 3D printer began to appear an association in Tenerife propose as an alternative to independence industry. But by normative, by security, all these targets are limited or forbidden.
It's similar to the solar energy.

Here in Tenerife we are in eternal spring, but the law limites the use of solar energy...

With or without security issues , the reality shows that promising fields are cercenated by other interests.


Anyone else got the 3d printing bug? I'm curious to hear your thoughts if you bought one.. Do you ever actually use it?


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