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NANY 2018 Ideas Thread

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I need an app that control my 200 email accounts . I do with Thunderbird now. May be an addon too.
I wish to receive a audio alert , or a visual alert when I receive an email from predetermined contacts. In any of my accounts !!!!!!!!!!!

Best Regards

The message I need in mind.

May be a simple txt file where I can add new messages.

When a new message appear in an alarm window i will have the opportunity to + importance or - less importance , or execute.
This will do that messages with more importance appear more times, and less importants less times. More important appear often.
I can configure the frequency these messages appear .

Best Regards

Note : Don't have to be tasks. In a virtual sense may be any question you need to solve.

Well, I would have asked for (more) ideas too, but I have a project that I built earlier this year that I intend to publish for NANY 2018, and because of my new job, starting on October 1st, I'm uncertain how my spare time will end up ;)

Maybe I'll pick up a new idea/project from this thread 8) though it's a bit slim for now...
-Ath (September 05, 2017, 02:49 PM)
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:tellme: :tellme: :tellme: :tellme: :tellme:
Good Luck , Ath !!!!!!

Anyone have any other ideas for NANY?
I'm still thinking about ideas for what to do.. I have one cool game idea with some custom raspberry pi / arduino hardware that I'm hoping to have ready..
-mouser (September 05, 2017, 02:00 PM)
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My dream come true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need an arduino device for 3D sensor to measure locals and the software to control it.

Best Regards

Alternatives : , Leica or Faro (very expensives !!!!!! )


I don't know if this software exists. Probably not.

Recently, as you may know, one of my six monitors kaputt.

Kaputt The LG Flatron W2453V-PF .

I was in consults a large time with Asus technician until a moment I thought the best aptitude was the silence because I don't see alternatives except don't allow the suspension of the pc.

This monitor have a switch ON button by sensor.
Four monitor by simple button
And the fifth with button and tele control.


The real interesting time after all these months with the problem is that I need to use the utility Don'tSleep for 64 bit to avoid the equipment enter in suspend state.

Even configurating the energy options to never suspend.

But now. with the rest of my monitors (five) my problems have ceased.

I remember the asus technician talking about monitor frequencies, complex compatibilities.

Ejem. A `program to determine this ?


Note : Basically my problem consisted that when the system was suspended I was not able to recover the system or come back from the suspension. No possible to reboot and have to turn off completely the pc and the monitors. Then wait a time (a half an hour or so) and turn on the pc.


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