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NANY 2018 Ideas Thread

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Not in this life.

I repeat my post from snack coding here because is an idea for nany and a program I need for yesterday.
Best Regards :

Nany 2018 idea.

A sand clock.
Configurable count back time. For example 25 minutes.
When the count finish give an auditive warning . But don't lose the focus. Even is configuration consist in activate a warning window or emerging window. The sound or warning configurable.
Each time after that, if the user don't abandon pc work repeat the alarm sound every time, or the visual warning. For example if you configurate repeat the alarm every five minutes, the new alarm will sound every five minutes.
When I come back to the pc the program is able to recognize real keypressing or mouse movings. Then the time will began to count down again. The clock will put itself down to up again.

I haven't seen this in all the pommodoro technique software. I think this is simpler and give freedom in the rest period. The important thing is abandon the pc for a while and fight the sedentary life.


Post Data : I am tired trying to find this program. I think don't exist. Not as a pommodoro, not as a countdown clock.
Is not pommodoro because don't control the rest time.
And as a countdown timer I do not find the exact program.

The difficult thing may be to decide the exact interaction with the user.

And how to program the come back recognition of the user....

Requires a lot of imagination and management of the operating system.

Best Regards

P.D. The program was found by Ath and is perfect :

Cancel my request for a computer version of CODENAMES DUET above, I have implemented something similar and will release it as part of NANY 2018 :)


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