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N.A.N.Y. 2018 Announcement

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I tried to tell him about that in September. :P

I guess it's time for my annual request for you to update the preset text to say NANY 2018, and also for you to please make a placeholder page for NANY 2018 (like this one for NANY 2017) so apps can include links to what will be the official NANY 2018 webpage. :Thmbsup:
-Deozaan (September 07, 2017, 02:49 AM)
--- End quote ---

Yes you did.. I am just following my normal policy of ignoring all problems until they are reported multiple times  :-[

Come on folks spread the word let's get some more NANY pledges going!!!

Since now we allow all apps released in this year 2017, as per, so I think we should request the developers to submit them as NANY 2018 and help us increase the number of submissions.



As is traditional, we will let people keep submitting until the end of new year's day, server time.. so about 7 hours left from the time I post this (midnight central standard time USA).

I will create the NANY 2018 roundup post after that and contact all participants..  If you have any instructions for me about your NANY -- what to mention in the roundup and what not to -- send me a message.
And please do update your threads now with any relevant info, screenshots, links to youtube videos, etc.


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