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appending text to todo.txt file?

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Hi there.  I'm not great with .bat files or command lines, but is there an easy way to bring up FARR, type in "todo feed dog" and then have "feed dog" with date and time put into my todo.txt file?  I found something similar for slickrun, however, I dont' know how to implement it with FARR.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!
:: GTD Wannabe
:: Command to append text to a file
:: 22 Jan 06
:: In response to:
:: First param is name of the file, including extension
:: Second param is the text to be appended to the file
:: Assumes that this command will be run in the same directory as your
target text files

:: Filename is first param
set filename=%1%

:: Remove the quotation marks from the second parameter
set text=%2%
set textclean=%text:~1,-1%

:: Write the current date/time and second parameter text to the
appropriate text file

:: These two lines put the date/time and text one one line.  Remove the
:: if that's what you want.
::echo %date% %time% %textclean% >> %filename%
::echo. >> %filename%

:: These lines put the date on a line, time on a line, and text on a
line.  Add in :: if you don't
:: want it done this way.  See block immediately above.
echo %date% >> %filename%
echo %time% >> %filename%
echo %textclean% >> %filename%
echo. >> %filename%

actually gerome wrote such a tool to do exactly this..
i cant remember if he posted it - it might need a few extra features but finding someone who wants to use this might be just the thing he needs to perfect it.
let's try to get his attention and see if he will post it.

It's Farr's ADDNOTE :)
I think it might be exactly what you're looking for, pikamookie!

that looks like exactly what i'm looking for!  hmmm, but how do i make this work with FARR?  i tried pasting the code into the link but then i get the .exe and nothing happens...  :)

thanks for all the replies btw!  i love FARR.  it's no doubt the most important app on my computer. 

addnote is not quite done - i wouldnt try to use it yet - but maybe we can get geddi to finish it this week.

but basically the way you would use it is copy the exe somewhere permanent, probably the Scripts/ subdirectory where geddi's FBSLCalc.exe tool lives, and then add a group alias to farr to invoke it like this:

but i repeat that addnote does not quite work right yet.
it doesnt let you specify the file to write into, the commandline args dont parse perfectly, etc.

farr is made to let you design commandline aliases like this so basically you can work with any tool that takes commandline arguments.  Addnote.exe is basically a commandline tool for adding notes to top or bottom of a text file with a date stamp.


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