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Separate Out STOCK Symbols From Large Text File

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Wow.  Ohhh my goodness.  How'd you do that??!!


I just created that manually as an example output.

As you mentioned in your first post, this sort of thing is a bit inexact and might require a bit of manual cleanup.  However, please try the attached EXE as it should be pretty close to what you want.

I placed your sso.exe and a text file, test.txt, into C:\2 and executed, dragging test.txt onto the open box appearing.  Named output file symbols.txt:

There was a problem saving the output file.  Perhaps it's open in another application.

I tried a number of other attempts, with same error message.

Are you sure that Windows allows you to write in that folder. Run the exe with 'Run as administrator' option.

If you don't want to do that, you better place the executable in your user folder and try again.


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