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Separate Out STOCK Symbols From Large Text File

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Same error.  Something is apparently wrong with my system.  Bummer.

Same error.  Something is apparently wrong with my system.  Bummer.-nkormanik (August 27, 2017, 09:09 AM)
--- End quote ---

Nah, it was my fault.  Apologies.   :-[  Please redownload and try again.

Beautiful!  Works exactly as I was hoping!

Hope others out there might find and use this as well.

I'm renaming my personal copy: Skwire's Stock Symbols Only.

Thanks a million, Skwire.

@skwire: What regex did you use, (if you did)?

I had a quick look at making a single line PoSh command but my brain wasn't up to the nuances of stopping it grabbing every uppercase letter.  regardless of what followed :-\

Well, I tried a regex too, but I couldn't fix 1 issue.
My regex:

--- ---\b[A-Z]\b
But it keeps grabbing both the S and P from S&P, and I didn't want to replace the \b with a (rather complex) group construction of all possible punctuation to solve this so I stopped searching.


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