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CPix v1.2.0


CPix - A compact and fast photo viewer that supports MPO, encryption, format conversion, resizing and more


    View images in popular formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP, WBMP.
    MPO(a Multi-Picture file format): View, Create from JPEG files, Extract JPEG files from MPO file.
    EJPG(the Encrypted JPEG file format): View, Convert to and from JPEG files.
    DualPhoto(a file format that contains two JPEG images in a single file, the 2nd image is encrypted): View, Create from JPEG files, Extract the 2nd image, Remove the 2nd image.
    PL(the Photo List file format): View, Create from JPEG files, Extract JPEG files from PL file.
    EMPO(the Encrypted MPO): View, Convert to and from MPO.
    EPL(the Encrypted PL): View, Create from JPEG files, Extract JPEG files from EPL file.
    Format Conversion: GIF/PNG/TIFF/BMP/WBMP to JPEG (All frames of GIF/TIFF are saved).
    Format Conversion: GIF/TIFF to PNG (All frames are saved).
    Format Conversion: Create multi-frame TIFF from BMP/JPEG/PNG files.
    Image Resizing: JPEG, BMP, PNG.
    Photo orientation (JPEG/TIFF) is supported in loading and format conversion.
    Background color: you can either select one of the predefined colors or select your own favorite color.
    Auto-play: you can let multi-frame images (TIFF/MPO/EMPO/PL/EPL) play animations automatically or not.
    Animation speed: animation speed of multi-frame images (GIF/TIFF/MPO/EMPO/PL/EPL) can be changed.
    View images with effects: eg. you can increase brightness of the image to view dark regions of the image more clearly, or you can view it in warm/cold color, etc.
    Maximal memory: you can set maximal memory used by this program.
    Switch directory: you can switch images in sibling directories.
    Frame by frame viewing: you can view multi-frame images (GIF/TIFF/MPO/EMPO/PL/EPL) frame by frame.
    Lock display region: this can be very useful when you compare two images of the same size.
    Rotate or flip the image without affecting the image file.
    Image order: by file name, file format, file size or last modification date and time.
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Size: 597 KB (Compressed) - 1.41 MB (Uncompressed)
License: Freeware


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