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[SOLVED] A Shortkey Win-5 (in the numpad) under w8.1

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I have this script from Flipeador in ahk forum.

--- ---#NoEnv  ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
; #Warn  ; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors.
SendMode Input  ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%  ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.
Loop, Files, O:\pantallazos\%A_YYYY%\%A_MM%.%A_YYYY%\*.*, FD
    LF := A_LoopFileName

OpenFolderAndSelectItems("O:\pantallazos\" . A_YYYY . "\" . A_MM . "." . A_YYYY, LF)

OpenFolderAndSelectItems(DirName, Files, Flags := 0)
    Local Items, Each, FileName, ITEMLIST, PIDL, R
    DirName := StrLen(DirName) < 4 ? SubStr(DirName, 1, 1) . ":" : RTrim(DirName, "\")
    Items   := []

    For Each, FileName In (IsObject(Files) ? Files : [Files])
        If (FileExist(DirName . "\" . FileName))

    If (!Items.MaxIndex())
        Return (-2)

    VarSetCapacity(ITEMLIST, Items.MaxIndex() * A_PtrSize)

    For Each, FileName In Items
        DllCall("Shell32.dll\SHParseDisplayName", "Str", DirName . "\" . FileName, "Ptr", 0, "PtrP", PIDL, "UInt", 0, "Ptr", 0)
        NumPut(PIDL, ITEMLIST, (A_Index - 1) * A_PtrSize, "Ptr")
    DllCall("Ole32.dll\CoInitializeEx", "Ptr", 0, "UInt", 0)
    DllCall("Shell32.dll\SHParseDisplayName", "Ptr", &DirName, "Ptr", 0, "PtrP", PIDL, "UInt", 0, "Ptr", 0)
    R := DllCall("Shell32.dll\SHOpenFolderAndSelectItems", "Ptr", PIDL, "UInt", Items.MaxIndex(), "Ptr", &ITEMLIST, "UInt", Flags)
    DllCall("Ole32.dll\CoTaskMemFree", "Ptr", PIDL)
    Loop (Items.MaxIndex())
        DllCall("Ole32.dll\CoTaskMemFree", "Ptr", NumGet(ITEMLIST, (A_Index - 1) * A_PtrSize, "Ptr"))

    Return (R ? -1 : 0)
} ;
Goes well as a ahk file, but after compiling give me errors. I have decided to update ahk.
I don't see a clear method to inhabilitate a script in PE without deleting, so limited the script only running Virtualbox. Seems works fine and have no effects.

If i can't compile for any reason i wll charge the ahk in startup delayer or propose in the startup folder.

The main reason for this crisis may be solved, but I will experiment with FARR and LaunchBarCommander until total solution.

Best Regards

I have installed FARR and LaunchBarCommander.
Also Keypirinha.
And recover Power Tray from Lopesoft.
At first glance I don't see this program in the web because is not in development in English
I work hard in this program some years ago. It's not a good portable, but I install in portable mode and then restore the configuration file.
Keypirinha seems powerful and some aspects don't differ from FARR, but the configuration is less GUI, using an ini file to be edited directly by the user. Not all users may be in comfort with this...
On 30.09.2008 I wrote down in my CRM : Don't like LaunchBarCommander . Use a simple superior bar... . I don't remember what I mean by that, but at the present moment is a powerful launcher . I suppose an initial configuration that bothers me some years ago. Now "My First Dock" , after revising my comment, is also a powerful dock i can place on top of the screen.
I have four personalyzed menus with power tray that will require a couple of hours  - minimum - to adapt to any other launcher...

FARR have some learning curve, as LaunchBarCommander or Power Tray.

I am compelled to try ahk scripts now I have some concepts clear and some help to do it.

But FARR and LaunchBarCommander are installed and I take a slow look from time to time.

Best Regards

I forgot to mention:
Give yourself at least another 26 unique hotkey combos with Microsoft's remapkey

I forgot to mention:
Give yourself at least another 26 unique hotkey combos with Microsoft's remapkey
-IainB (September 03, 2017, 06:33 AM)
--- End quote ---
Thanks indeed IainB  :-*

Quote from: IainB on 2017-09-03, 06:33:06
I forgot to mention:
Give yourself at least another 26 unique hotkey combos with Microsoft's remapkey
Thanks indeed IainB 
-Contro (September 04, 2017, 02:56 PM)
--- End quote ---
Oops! i forgot that I had already mentioned it earlier!!    :-[
(I just saw it now.)


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