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IDEA : Save post with comments offline, with reddit/quora etc


Sometimes you see a good post on reddit/quora with alot of comments but want to read it later on. I was wondering if its possible to make something that grabs the post along with all the comments linked to it. and save it as a PDF/txt file.Saving the page as pdf doesnt help it just saves the page sans comments.
Thanks in advance

Would be possible, but I am not sure what reddit/quoras policies are with regards to scraping.

Have you tried HTTrack?

@c.gingerich: HTTrack looks pretty nifty and seems to be kept up-to-date.
I used to use SiteSnag(ger) from Ziff-Davis (FREE) for that sort of thing when I needed it. Haven't used it for ages. It was very good, but I don't know whether it would cope properly on the more modern websites.

@ibay770: Have you tried saving the page as an .mhtml or .htm file? I haven't tried it on reddit/quora, but it works on most sites and without any problems, and in different browsers.
There is also the Firefox add-on Scrapbook, which can save nested pages and contents (e.g., including downloadable files of the type you specify).


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