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Searching for decision and criminal analysis tools I found

COFEE seems to be a security tool by microsoft. I have downloaded but when execute the installer receive the message : "El parĂ¡metro no es correcto" (The parameter is not correct)

Do you know where download a good copy ?


This seems suspicious to me...  If Microsoft really made this, you can probably get it from a Microsoft site. 
EDIT:  Then again....

I am downloading also CSET 8.0 from US Government. I hope goes well this time.

Some of the tools from the original link I posted are dissapeared.


Note : The utility video previewer works fine !

Microsoft COFEE is being made available to individuals employed by law enforcement agencies within the United States and Canada
--- End quote ---

COFEE is discontinued
I have an old installer.

I'll try under xp and comment.

Thanks Curt


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