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For those with a CrashPlan...

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For anyone interested, the SpiderOak One unlimited account (which they said would never happen again) is back for a week. Of course it costs $30/year more than last time, so I guess it's not technically the same offer.

If you consider this, please keep in mind that unlimited space means lots of space subject to certain restrictions, see here.

(Disclaimer: I am using an unlimited account from last time they had this offer, and am quite happy with it.)

I have been using SpiderOak for a year or so now, and I am not particularly happy with it.

It's gotten very slow, is using 10gb of local hard drive space for its indexes.

Worst is that I am getting regular pop up warnings saying I have exceeded my space use, and I find it impossible to figure out what it taking all the space.  Apparently the space is counting all old versions of files, and so the culprits of space use are likely files that have many copies, but I can't figure out how to find such files..  Painful.

Anyone find any alternatives they are happy with?

I'm using OneDrive, and using nowhere near my maximum space, and am very happy with it.  Of course, my backup plan is not to backup everything, but just my unrecoverable files, so if you're doing a full backup YMMV.  It also does not have versioning (other than office docs), though it does allow you to recover from deletions.

It also does not have versioning (other than office docs),
--- End quote ---
Yeah this part is a must have for me.

I've started using a DVCS (mercurial, but it could be done with git) to make backups of things.

I just add things to a repository, clone/push the repo to another drive, PC, or remote server, and I've got a backup with built-in versioning. :Thmbsup:

That said, my backup needs are relatively simple and small. I probably don't back up nearly as much as I ought to, and this method probably wouldn't work so well for very large amounts of data, especially if that data is stored in a binary format, doubly especially if that binary data changes often.


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