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For those with a CrashPlan...

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they have a year of 2TB for $7.
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To make sure that people are aware of the limitation for that offer, I'll quote their website:

* The 90% offer is applicable for the first year only. 90% offer is only if you are currently using a competing cloud backup service. You need to provide proof of your existing service provider’s account. Competing services include Carbonite, Mozy, CrashPlan, Backblaze, SOSonlinebackup, Dropbox and Google Backup and Sync.
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Thanks, I forgot to put that in!

It's fine for my requirements... I just intend to use it as a way to trial the service for a longer time and have no problem paying the full price in a year. So far I have not provided proof of existing service provider (but I have not done more than sign up for an account), but I have it if I need it anyway.

Crashplan is closing up soon, and I have to migrate away.. What's the current thinking regarding the best alternative?

I use a combo of S3, OneDrive, and Synology NAS.  Then again, I'm one of the few now that uses selective backups rather than cloning the whole drive.

So one thing that I notice that differentiates the alternatives is whether they are PRICE-PER-PC or PRICE-PER-TERRABYTE.

If you want to back up more than 1 pc (say a laptop, your desktop, etc.), then these price-per-pc plans get very expensive, very quickly.

Carbonite is $60/pc per year, or $270/year for unlimited pcs.

Backblaze is $50/pc.  No option for family or multi-pc plans?

Spider Oak is $120/year for all pcs, but capped to 1 tb total; or $279/yr capped to 5tb.


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