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For those with a CrashPlan...

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Another thought: I have a NAS now (synology); do people have recommendations for a non-hosted VERSIONED backup system that would backup to my local network nas?

As far as I know, Synology has software packages you can add to your NAS for extra functionality. You could try if there is a backup system available on their website.

Regarding SpiderOak:
While it is not a direct option, you might try to use CarotDAV (WebDAV option) to login to your SpiderOak account to circumvent their web-interface and remove crap that way.

For those with a CrashPlan...
That is the CarotDAV interface with the content of my user folder on a Linux based Nextcloud installation I host on my own webserver. Nextcloud does have it's own client and comes with a web-interface as well. But this is the tool I mainly use to access it. Because it is plain simple to use and works fast.

For those with a CrashPlan...
These are the type of connections you can make with it to any server anywhere of that type. For most cloud-based backup solutions, I would try the option 'WebDAV' first.

CarotDAV is free to download as installer, but also as a portable application, if you are into that kind of thing. Author is from Japan.

Thanks Shades, that's fantastic info, since SpiderOak seems to be ignore my attempts to delete stuff from the UI.

BUT: Spideroak website seems to suggest they support webdav, but I can't find any info about what url to connect to.. any thoughts?

BUT: Spideroak website seems to suggest they support webdav, but I can't find any info about what url to connect to.. any thoughts?-mouser (July 29, 2019, 04:28 AM)
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I would have thought the opposite is true: FTP, WebDAV, and Web Access
Neither FTP clients, WebDAV clients, nor web browsers are very well suited to doing cryptography as part of the upload/download process, so accessing your data this way would require the server to first decrypt your data, and then give it to your browser. This breaks our no knowledge model, where SpiderOak does not have your encryption keys, and SpiderOak servers are entirely unable to decrypt, read, or send any data.


Nevertheless, convenient web access is important to some people, so we did build a web access option. It stores the user's password (and derived keys) in memory only -- never writing the session file to disk -- and purges them from memory as soon as the session ends. On our website, we actually recommend against using the web interface at all due to this issue, but we provide it anyway, due to overwhelming customer demand.
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ie. Of the three methods mentioned, they've chosen to only implement the last - no support for FTP/WebDAV.

Just as a matter of interest I had a look at iDrive w.r.t. WebDAV - they do provide it but only if you used the default system generated encryption key on signup.  If you chose your own private key then you're in the same boat as with SpiderOak.

It seems pretty clear at this point that SPIDEROAK is malfunctioning silently on my pc; deleted items never get deleted/removed. If i try to empty the trash it just says it queued the operation but never does anything even after days.


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