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CCleaner contained malware for one month

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...I'd rather know the cause of the problem than hide the problem. ...
-4wd (September 22, 2017, 11:32 PM)
--- End quote ---
Quite agree, but it's not a problem (for me), as I have the 64-bit CCleaner Pro licence (which version is reputedly free of the virus), and have it set to automatically check and update itself - whenever it starts up (a useful option, in my view). However, being a bit paranoid after the strange virus alert for the 32-bit version, I decided to provisionally set my firewall so that the 64-bit Pro version of CCleaner cannot receive or send stuff through the firewall, just in case.

In terms of the 32-bit version, I'm not sure that "the problem" (whatever it may be) has actually been fully defined. It thus awaits definition in no uncertain terms. I regard the belated and vague/ambiguous reporting of the matter so far, by the new owners of the software, as being deliberate and highly suspect. This arguably puts the whole product range under prudent suspicion.
Therefore, in the medium to longer term, absent any improved, independently verifiable and precise consumer information on the matter, following an audit of/by the product's new owners, it may be that it would be prudent to expunge CCleaner - i.e., because it apparently can't be independently verified as being a trusted A-1 product anymore.
Meanwhile, my "apparently-safe-but-we're-not'sure" product can't get through the firewall.

Some people (not me, you understand) might say that they smell a rat named with the TLA "NSA", but I couldn't possibly comment.

Bleachbit could be considered as an alternative for cleaning up the collected cruft from your system.


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