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Flickr and Yahoo now part of “Oath”, and members of Verizon


Today on Flickr:

Flickr and Yahoo are now part of “Oath” and are members of the Verizon family-Flickr
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(this link is for "eu". I cannot show you the american version):

Q: What has changed?
A: Yahoo is now part of ‘Oath’, a digital and mobile media company with more than 50 brands globally (including Yahoo, HuffPost, Engadget, TechCrunch, Moviefone and Makers), and a member of the Verizon family of companies working to shape the future of media. Oath strives to create a passionate and engaged community of users by building content and products that inspire and entertain the world.

Q: Why am I receiving this notice?
A: We would like to inform you in advance that, as of 18 September 2017, Yahoo and Oath plan to share some user information within the Verizon family of companies (more)
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