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Anyone here able to code audio production / musical instrument plugins?

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Thanks, guys, for your replies, impressions and advice..much appreciated.

@ 40hz:  For the record, I'm not another Steve Jobs..I merely asked if anyone on here was interested in helping me do this..and I've been totally transparent and up front in everything I've said..and more than willing to share any potential profits 50/50, including an equal share in any company formed as a direct result..the same can't be said of Steve Jobs, so, I kinda take slight offense at the comparison being made / implied..but you're entitled to your opinion and views and I understand you mean well in what you said in general..but that remark still stung a little.  :-[

While you're right in what you said about "the devil is in the details"..there's a lot more to such a project than the coding alone, such as marketing, sales, graphic design and sound design, so it's not a case of me simply providing ideas and sitting back, while others do all the work, but more a case of "each to their own".  I wasn't looking for slaves to do my bidding, but others who might see the potential in this and who might be willing to become involved as equal participants and seeing how far we could take the project.

And yes, I'm aware there are many successful companies out there..but none of them are offering what I envisage..I know..I've looked and researched it.  There is/was one program that offered a number of the things I'm looking for in one program, but that program didn't go far enough and could have been developed more I feel.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to reply..I really do appreciate it..even if there seems to be little interest in this.   :)


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