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Does it work on Firefox x86 en US without long delay between captures?

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Doug Eldridge:
Oops.  It is again repeating the image first clicked on with subsequent clicks.

Please provide some more details:
- Operating system?
- OneDrive installed? if yes: disabled capture of the PrtScr key there?
- Other screenshot/capture tools installed?
- What AV is installed? Does it allow/block screenshot tools?
- Where are the screenshot files stored, local disk or network/nas?

Doug Eldridge:
Ath  here are answers

Windows 7 OS
No other screen shot programs installed unless the Windows Print Screen key is one.
Avast Free.  Doesn't say that it blocks screenshots
Stored on desktop hard drive.


Doug Eldridge:
One Drive doesn't show up on a Programs Search, so I guess not.


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