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Softmaker Shop 40% 0ff

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For some reason, now the discounts are showing. Before they weren't.


^ good
(could be it was rolled out in Europe first)

you also get access to one year free antivirus updates for Emsisoft Anti-Malware.
-tomos (August 14, 2017, 08:52 AM)
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Every good offer has a scar, I guess.

1487 copies are still available...
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Limited copies of a file?  :huh:

(could be it was rolled out in Europe first)
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Softmaker started informing me of their recent discounts a couple of days ago. Germans...  :D
Too bad I already got the Standard Edition.

I notice that sometimes offers from softmaker seem to have **hard-coded discount links, for use only by the email receiptient [**if that is the proper term].
In that, no specific discount code is mentioned, yet the link they send their subscribers of their newsletter takes me directly to the discount offer.
[this happened to me a few times with the Abbyy Finereader program, when it was offered in softmaker newsletter emails,  several times in 2016 for just $39.95.
There was no obvious "Discount Code" embedded in the link they sent, so it was most likely obfuscated somehow in the sales link.].

582 copies are still available.
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