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The Ghost Process [SOLVED]

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This morning one of my monitors "kaputt".
I think i Have installed a multi desktop control software (perhaps a free one of Microsoft...) , besides the control of my six monitors with the graphic cards (two external and one included in the z170k asus motherboard. The graphical cards are two Asus R7 240 .
When I disconnect the broken monitor all change in the 5 rest.

I have to configurate again.

I think was an utility to configurate the five monitors now. I don't remember, but I will try configurating in the OS. (windows 8.1)

My questions are two :

1. Determine the program to change desktops. I don't know where is !. It affects me because when I try to reubicate icons sometimes appear in the bottom of the screen "three points" for selecting desktops.

So some of my icons have dissapeared !!!!!!.

edited 14.08.2017.13.39 hours : I have this problem before the monitor is broken. It's a ghost process I try to determine without success until this moment.  You can see a screenshot of the aspect of the three points I think are for controlling virtual desktops.

2. Determine how can i reorganize the rest of monitors. (this is solved at the present time 14.08.2017.13.38 hours....)(right click-personalyze-monitors-etc....)

Best Regards

The question 2 I try experimenting and remembering. After documenting once again.
Righ botton mouse - personalyze- Screens (i have the windows 8.1 spanish version, in my version put "pantalla" - Change screens configuration
In this step i can redistribute the position of any screen.


The first point I suppose is relate to a resident process somewhere.
IN the past I haven't solved, so i am going to try now hard.

I have to determine the program and i am missing something....

These are the point that appear representing the desktops in one of my monitors.

I don't know how to change between the desktops. Sometimes i change dragging icons, but really I don't know how i am doing.

Do you know this program ?

With the task administrator i am revising the processes.
I am closing several but I don't detect the ghost program.
I close rainmeter.exe and others.

I am trying to document and continue closing programs.

In my memory the program may be : Desktops   ---      Systernals Suite            
But where is the process ?



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