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Hotkeys for Special FX


My typical workflow in ScreenshotCaptor is to take the shot, then immediately ctrl-v paste it into Word.
Most times I want a shadow around it, but fairly often I don't. At the moment, this means I have to edit my preferences quite often.

I tried Snagit for a while (have now returned to the SC fold), and the main feature I liked about it compared to SC was that I could use different hotkeys to take shots with or without a shadow.

Could this feature be added, or is there another way I could streamline the above switching between shadow / no shadow process?

One of the big items on my todo list for SC is a complete overhaul of the hotkey system so that you can create as many hotkeys as you want to do things exactly like this, or do specific captures and actions, etc.

So the effect you use is "add shadow to image" from the SpecialFX2 menu, or the toolbar button for shadow?
And what is your workflow regarding using the main SC window itself? Do you keep SC minimized when you capture and automatically copy screenshot to the clipboard, or do you have the main SC window show after each capture?

1. Usually 'add shadow to image' from the menu. I am only recently, somewhat belatedly after a decade or so, becoming familiar with the toolbar buttons.
2. Usually to keep SC minimised.


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