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Show current printer when printing image


Please consider listing the name of the current printer next to "Print Setup" in the Print window of Print Image.
Sometimes I change the printer and forget to go to Print Setup to check which printer is set.
Showing the name of the printer at a glance would help...thank you.

That's a nice idea.  I'll put it on my todo list.

Hi...still waiting for what I believe is a most valuable modification.
It is very necessary to see which printer is set since your program remembers the last printer.
I have several printers and it often prints to the wrong one (color laser instead of b&w).

Please add this modification as soon as you are able.
I use your program many times a day and have to often print things twice.

Thank you!!!

Thanks for the reminder, im going to move it to top of my todo list -- it shouldn't be difficult.

Thanks!  Looking forward to it!

Consider a drop down list for quickly determining which printer is active and for a quick printer switch and also a portrait/landscape chooser too...printer setup button to change other attributes...


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