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Anyone know a file searcher than can search for X near Y?

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I'm thinking of buying FL after all (newer versions didn't run with XP, so that problem isn't a problem for me anymore); unfortunately, the developer isn't that "responsive": I've been longing for FL to implement a "search within the search results" for years - that functionality missing had been the reason for me never buying that tool even when it ran with XP (there's always an XP-running free version available btw, but I think that's not pertinent for the readers of this forum).

Since it's evident that a non-indexing searcher is in heavy need for a "search within the results", when each search takes long minutes if the file body to be searched is big enough (the developer brings - imo quite weak - arguments for leaving this out, but if I accept to gratuitously wait minutes for search results if the tool is free, I do not do so if I have to pay more than 60$ incl. VAT) - and you cannot delete non-pertinent search results (as described above) in FL either.

Search-within-search isn't the same as vicinity search of course, but often, you could use either one or the other to get to your means. (This isn't true when the vicinity searched-for would be a very close one.)
-ital2 (August 01, 2017, 01:46 AM)
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From the FileLocator Pro Help file (version 8.2):

Sometimes it is preferable to limit subsequent searches to the result list or a subset of the result list. FileLocator Pro supports searching file subsets through two menu options:

File - Search Result List
Searches all files listed in the result list.

File - Search Current Selection
Searches all files that are currently selected in the result list.

Search within search works by creating a new search and pre-filling the Look In field with all the files to be searched.

FL Pro also now allows the creation of indexes.

I've used the free version but it may finally be time for me to fork out for the full version of File Locator Pro.

Hello all,
almost a year later I want to recommend a tool that might help.
Handy File Tool (HFT) by Heatsoft Corp. is six years old, freeware and mainly a search tool.
Concerning this discussion, you can look for a filesize option like "larger than A and smaller than B".
I don't know, whether this helps, but the BIG advantage is the "basket". You can look for files all over your HDD space and collect the result in a basket.
Now you can do copying, deleting, renaming the results from the basket, thus changing all files in their original location.
If this works together with the search options you may have a ... well, a handy file tool at your hand.
Best from Berlin


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