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White Identical Twins

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EDIT Night August 6/7, 2017: Title change (original title: "AI, google (YT), in the year 2017")

from :

White Identical Twins

Original screenshot. This evening, after spending some hours on YT exclusively with the German comedian Otto Waalkes, I just encountered the grossest AI glitch (or then, is it not...) I've ever seen in my life, aside from it being most memorable because of its shock value. Note that I do NOT vision documentaries like the central one (> "Recommended for You" or similar effect), independently from the fact that I regularly have my browser history, etc. cleaned (by CCleaner), and even if they spy my hdd (which cannot be excluded), they would only discover some political videos treating current affairs, especially on censorship.

Thus, yesterday, I had downloaded this YT video: ("Götz Kubitschek zu seinem unerwünschten Bestseller 'Finis Germania'"), an interview with RT who treats the backgrounds of a current censorship case of a book thrown out from the authoritative bestselling-books list (NYT, NZZ, etc. treat the affair, too, currently), for beng politically incorrect. (In short, the - now deceased - author writes that Germany as a country cannot continue to bucket all (!) of its national identity out of the holocaust but in order to survive, must bethink of positive values, in case even create new ones, and really believe in them - as you perhaps know, even the German car industry auto-destructs itself at this very moment, and its narrative wasn't sustainable for ages anyway.)

Thus, it's not an AI glitch indeed, but

- google spy on me (spying my hdd? or simply my IP from yesterday, very similar to my IP from today, the web provider always assigning numbers within a restrained range), and

- within an evening of comedy, in the centre of 7 (and more) pertinent comedy suggestions, they place a documentation, "Ilse Koch, the monster of (camp) Buchenwald".*

(That list is known for listing current (!) best-selling books only, i.e. it doesn't include so-called "long-sellers", like the Bible, the Coran, etc., but it hadn't been known they censored books. Now caught with it, they say that oh yes, they have "quality standards" which obviously is a lie since incredible bad junk's on that list all year round, year after year, and they didn't leave that censored place 6 in the list blank, but number 7 is now in place 6. Spiegel (co-) belongs to Bertelsmann (and Random House, etc., which you certainly will know, is Bertelsmann), the data for the list - which, as said, comes as the "list of the best-selling books", not as the "list of the politically-accepted best-selling books" - is gathered and processed by "Buchreport", a leading trade paper by Bertelsmann, and book number 7, which now takes the place, is published by "Knaus"... which is Bertelsmann, so this scandal also has a competition law aspect (since also they tried to do this without communicating their act of censorship which favored their own title (since many idiots (sorry, but how could you call them otherwise) BUY "from" this list), before being caught, and now only they communicate about it) which nobody to my knowledge has seen yet.)

It's NOT the case that I wanted to serve you some political blah-blah by the pretext of YT AI; all to the contrary, when I did the screenshot, I couldn't think but of an AI glitch and wanted to publish it here in order to show you just how "dumb" they are, ha, ha, oh no, as I see now: it's been then only that I remembered how it came that google served me that "historical lesson" on purpose, obviously in order to reprimand me for having had the guts to feel positive of ideas contained in that book (I visioned the clip in its full length; politically-correct people who are pro-censorship (write in Der Spiegel, in Die Zeit et al. and) tend to just look into some minutes, so google correctly knows my stance and lets me know they highly disapprove it and/or they try to "educate" me in the alleged "opposite" direction: They obviously take me for a fascism-drifter in need of "new information" in order to be salvaged for the flock.

*: What will google and others do, in the same situation, with people like me, who just are openly against (Bertelsmann-and-others') depotism (the Bertelsmann owner widow is an intimate friend of the German Chancellor) and openly against censorship (the "German Question" just being accessory here, and to be precise, the author does NOT defend the Reich in any way: the latter would have been a criminal act, the book would have been seized, the publisher jailed; it's just that the pitmans of the oligarchs (well, google are oligarchs themselves now, aren't they?) don't bear someone naming Jehova (Life of Brian, you know that comedy).

They try to silence the population (German press for example is extensively government press, just last week they published an ironclad scientific research paper on that, and not speaking of German state radio/tv), and when they see you're not part of the silenced ones yet, they currently try to heavily educate you, in some years they will change tune. The screenshot above is a scandal in itself.

And thank you, I know about Buchenwald and its monsters without YT/google "helping" me with it.

Have watched the video -- will be interesting to see if I get a similar result: mind you I'm logged in to YT *and* gmail on the same browser, so they know me intimately :-/

Re writing styleRe your writing style:
your posts are always long -- you have a rambling style which is difficult to follow, complicated by the occasional failing of your otherwise very good English. FWIW I am not a grammar fanatic -- my own, as a native speaker, is often poor -- I'm just talking about clarity here. And as said before, I would love a summary of points, either at the beginning or end of long posts.

@tomos: Ah, you speaking German? Brilliant! (For third parties: tomos is from Czechia, btw, this is likable fun read: even if I think this was overdue for long, long years!)

But don't count on it too much since, as said, I regularly access web pages relating to current politics and concerning the "you mustn't call a spade a spade" problem*, so they obviously are spying on my AND kindly try to "educate" me; they will certainly not see any such "necessity" for people which don't tend to be as politically-critical as I am (no pun whatsoever intended here; I know very, very well that in countries like Russia, China, African countries and the like, I would sit in some camp for not having kept my trap shut...).

*: Political digression, just very short but since it's been in the non-German newspapers just yesterday: In order to be politically correct always-always, they throw any logic overboard, and at the very least, it's treading on very thin ice. A German expression for this is, btw, "Ritt über den Bodensee", "Ride across Lake Constance" (from Gustav Schwab 1826, then entered into the German vocabulary, see also Handtke's eponymous play 1971), so this is really a deep pass:

Night Saturday/Sunday, Constance (ibidem), some Iraqui having been living in Germany for 15 years or so enters some discotheque with an assault rifle (and no, they don't sell them in shops there as they do in the U.S.) and starts firing into the crowd - just 1 person dead, and surprisingly few injured people, considering the military weapon.

German police, and all the German press, unisono: "No, it's not terror, it's a personal relationship crime." Then, a day later: "The offender was [the killer had then been shot by the police in the shooting outside of the building] the son-in-law of the owner of the place."

Thus, for the politically-correct crowd in Germany (and Western Europe in general, btw, not speaking of Sweden, ha, ha), and it's them who have got all the power, voters being sheep over here, it has now, in 2017, become a personal relationship crime (just like the husband who kills his children adjudicated to the wife after divorce), not terror...

when some disgruntled son-in-law tries to kill the patronage (!) of his wife's father, in order to harm the latter's business.

Well, that's what I call some total cultural change which turns things upside down indeed, a complete reconstruction of Western society.

And that's why google thinks I need reeducation from them (short of beeing reeducated in some camp like they did it in Cambodia).

tomos is from Czechia
-ital2 (August 01, 2017, 02:32 AM)
--- End quote ---
not sure where you got Czech Republic from. And sounds like you misunderstood my comment -- I'm a native English speaker. (But yes, I speak reasonable German.)

Re the political digression: just to let you know there is a policy here on dc to not discuss politics or religion.

FWIW I haven't noticed any attempt to reeducate me since watching that video:
as said above they know me well -- I will and do look at a large variety of videos i.e. coming from very different directions. But they also know I mostly look at snooker, so they mostly end up throwing in snooker videos when I'm looking at other stuff, rather than the other way around.


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