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A changing world


It's everyday.
Now one thing , other another thing. Universal replay is in fashion.

Our dream to automate any inconvenience is on top.

By example you have an image hosting service. You wish to change.
There are a lot of images in the old service. You need to change every link in many webs.

How can I do this with ease ?

This is a good question !!!!!!!


well this was because of the fallen links with photobucket.
I think is possible substitute those links knowing the names of the images. In the new server the images must have the same name. So the path is the variable and this may be change editing the code of each post or page....

Unless may be possible a tool to edit all the pages at the same time, but I doubt, specially using blogs like or that have security measures everywhere. I think I have to edit the post previously, not enough to be logged.

May of any help use a trial of WebSite Watcher ?

Exist an utility to recupere the lost links in other image free hosting service ?



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