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I downloaded getmail from the link you supplied, but immediately, Windoes Defender said it malicious and not to run it?  Any ideas if it is dodgy?
-awopbamboo (August 05, 2017, 02:54 AM)
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MSE has no complaints about it - and they both use the same anti-virus updates

Virustotal says:
SHA256:    7504cd82fc5af60fb14315b222e9c413e746e42c05c86d5096245002d6797d4d
File name:    getmail.exe
Detection ratio:    1 / 63
Analysis date:    2017-08-05 12:32:49 UTC ( 0 minutes ago )
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"Cylance" gives it the thumbs down but note (& see Skwire's comments above) --
the file is nine years old and it has been checked there multiple times -- I assume that if there was any real problem with it, it would be commonly known by now

I've used GetMail for several years, with no problems. :)


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