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I'm so fed up with (software or hardware) KM / KVM switches working so badly

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Convinced. I'ts neither devoid of interest, nor is it ugly. I had trialed Fences some years ago, and it had been unbearable, probably also partly from my own fault, and certainly some quite early version it was, too. As I see, you also love to see a neat desktop, albeit not one as purged as totally as mine is. And I see that Fences isn't necessarily used to demarcate the whole field. I'm quite a free spirit, you know, so I appreciate this, and it's visually very beautiful what you did with it; I really must have trialed a very early version! ;-)

EDIT July 23, 2017
See my THIRD post (and the last part of my second post there) in my screens thread on various desktop subjects.

I've used this one for my server rack and liked it so much I got another one for another server rack.  They don't cost very much, and can hook up FOUR machines to a single monitor and keyboard.  It works VERY well.  I'd buy another one without thinking about it and without ever searching for alternatives.  For $40, I was WELL-PLEASED.

I just wire it to the rack behind all the equipment, and then use double-stick-padded-tape to stick the switcher to the front of the rack.  Push the button to switch, and voila!  Joy!  I love it!


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