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Major Delay when hit Print Scrn button to grab selection... icon in taskbar red


Hi.. latest version of SC... worked fine for a long time.  I have the PrintScrn button mapped to select a region.  In the past - it was instantaneous... now when I hit the button, the toolbar button goes Red and right click gives a "cancel operation" message.  Eventually, the crosshairs do come up but it can take 45-60 seconds!!

Happened in the previous version so I updated and it still happens in the latest.  A reboot did help... but after 12 hrs.. its back again.

If I open the toolboar window and hit printscreen - it works just fine.  once it is closed... the delay happens again!

Seems related to Firefox being the focused window because it works fine from the desktop, etc....  Thoughts?!?!

UPDATE: So... I just disabled the firefox Material theme and restarted firefox and it works again... UGH... we'll see if that holds... sorry to bother.

I'm not sure exactly the cause but try this to see if it fixes:
GO to the "Window Capturing 1" tab and UNCHECK the option "Try to capture Aero Glass transparency"
(you might also try unchecking the option "Try to detect.. " on the "Window Capturing 2" tab but that's probably irrelevant.

I am getting the exact same issue for a while now - and sometimes it is fine and I get instant selection rectangle, sometimes SC icon changes to red but no selection cursor - which comes up after 10-15 seconds.

Windows 10. I have no AERO settings.

EDIT: Actually I had the AERO settings enabled, but could not see them on first attempt. Disabling has helped and now it is always instant capture.


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