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need 'always on top' e-Post-It 4 WinXP.

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I love Notezilla and personally, I wouldn't use anything else. It's well worth the price.

But if you'd like other options, there is a thread listing lots of other sticky note apps that are available, both freeware and commercial:

I have to agree with Notezilla. I stopped using it temporarily when they converted to a subscription basis, but eventually Gautam convinced me to try the newer version and I have been using it again ever since!

That said, I was an early user of Stickies and donated to Tom Revell more than a couple of times as I was a heavy user of it. It wasn’t until I tried Notezilla that I stopped using Stickies. AFAIK Stickies is still developed and is as useful as it has always been.




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