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Drag & Drop Bug?


Great program .....
Using WinXP pro .... d&d doesn't seem to work from a directory to Random Mix Tape Maker or from Random Mix Tape Maker to Media Monkey....
Workaround:  I can d&d a playlist to WinAmp and then d&d it to Media Monkey

Any ideas ....? :(

where are you trying to drop the dir? (what list, box, etc) and what is the effect? (i.e. program hangs, crashes, doesn't do anything)

the only problem i've encountered with the drag/drop component is when attempting to drag from RMTM to nero (this is discussed in the readme).

waiting for your reply...

I can d&d from RMTM playlist listing into WinAmp,  either as a playlist or single track .... full functionality.
I can not do that from RMTM into Media Monkey, either as a playlist ..... or d&d one track into the Media Monkey player .... the cursor icon changes to a d&d icon but nothing gets dropped (this happens from RMTM listing as .... Filename, Relative filename or ID3 info)

I have not entered my major directory of tracks (too large) as the time to search even a small directory seems excessive ..... any way to speed that up?

It would be nice to have a drop down box of artists to add to the genre search.

In any case,  as I said earlier it is a great program and as a programer I appreciate the time and effort it took to write this ...... well done.

if this is only happening with media monkey, then my guess is there's a problem with the d/d component just like with nero. when i have a chance, i'll install media monkey to see if the problem can be fixed

as far as speeding things up... there's really not much i can do outside of removing safeguards that check for not only specific file extension, but that it's actually a valid media file when it finds it (this makes for faster list building once initial hdd search is done).

It would be nice to have a drop down box of artists to add to the genre search.
--- End quote ---

if you want to look for a specific artist, then use the keyword search and enable exclusive. there are WAY too many artists out there to properly build a complete drop down list for this.

if you want (i don't know what you listen to) but say 'prince' and 'depeche mode'. then just put in the keyword search: "prince,depeche"

that will give you only those artists (unless you have some cross-mix track with both those names or other tracks with those names specifically in them). that's about all i can do for now. i could (in the future) build in a user built list where you'd put in your own list, but i think that would be counter productive.


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