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Linux File Manager With A Preview Panel and Favorites catalog

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Is there any interest anywhere (besides me) for a competent but not frilly linux file manager that has (1) a preview pane (which is my #1 need), and also (2) a "catalog" or "favorites" pane, where files (FILES, not just folders!!) can be dragged or dropped for quick reuse?

It seems to me that all the big windows file managers, from the current versions of windows explorer to XYplorer to Freecommander to DirectoryOpus all have these basic functions, which I use ALL THE TIME to organize my work.

But in the world of Linux which I favor as much as I can, I can't seem to find anything close.  Sure Dolphin has a "sortof" preview pane (but I can't get it to work most of the time in the distros I use, and I don't want to be stuck with KDE).  But from PCMANFM to THUNAR to XFE to SpaceFM to DoubleCommander (and on and on and on) I can't seem to get either of these basic desirable features (especially the preview pane) working. 

I can get Freecommander and XYPlorer to work (sort of) in Linux with wine/crossover, and using the plugins from totalcommander I can get it to preview almost any type of file, but it's hit and miss.   And all I really want is something relatively simple that doesn't try to reinvent the wheel for folder synchronization, editing, and all sorts of features that aren't core to basic file finding and launching.

Can anyone point me toward a direction for hopefully one day resolving this in the linux world?

Attached is a sample of the format I use every day.  Help?   The way this is set up is as follows:

- On the left, a tree pane PLUS a favorites pane (drag and droppable from the file list in the center).  (May not be easy to see, but the bottom pane on the left is a standard directory tree; the top left pane is a drag and droppable "outline" of files and folders for quick reference.)

- In the center, a standard File list for standard rename, delete, and similar file (including double-click to LAUNCH!) operations in middle.  This center pane is actually two separate file lists, with the one on the bottom all but minimized.  Two file lists for moving files between them is nice but not at all mandatory.

- On the right, a preview pane for viewing pictures, media, word processing files, etc that displays the currently-selected file in the middle pane.

(The graphic is from a customized freecommander; the mx logo is just from the linux distro I am using - it's just here as a sample of a media file preview.)

Linux File Manager With A Preview Panel and Favorites catalog

There is a Linux file manager: Krusader. It looks like Directory Opus 4.x did on Amiga and it works with 2 panes and looks like it can use different views per pane. It has been a year or two ago that I played with this file manager in Linux. My use of Linux is only on Server editions, where I on purpose do not install anything GUI-related, so there is no use to have Krusader installed...the only allowance I make is for Midnight Commander.   

Thanks Shades, but like most of the two-panel-focused file managers, krusader  (1) has no "catalog" or "Favorites" pane as I have described.  (2) It does have a pane that can be switched to thumbnails, but as far as I can tell that's not tied to browsing or selecting files or directories in the other panes.  Also, if what I were looking for were in KDE then I would switch, but krusader carries the added investment of the kde libraries which I prefer not to use on non-kde systems.  Dolphin is a little closer to my needs, but it has no favorites tree for files (not directories!) and its previewing of files has always been very finicky for me (especially viewing of word processing files).

Thanks for the suggestion however and I will appreciate any others that people make!

You can try these two new file managers:



Shallot doesn't have the favorites panel.  Though I guess it could be implemented if someone could be found to code it.  Same with Polo.


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