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Linux File Manager With A Preview Panel and Favorites catalog

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Thanks to Panzer and Wraith808.  I am afraid I agree with Wraith, but with an emphasis on the viewing being missing two, because the panes don't appear to be linked in any usable way - they appear largely independent.  I better stress that - there are "hundreds" of multiple pane file browsers which allow viewing in a single pane as "thumbnail format, but not so many based on a tree to the left (with favorites pane for FILES, not just folders!!) that control what is visible in the next pane over and allow previewing on the right.  To repeat, that pane on the left in my diagram is not just a simple directory tree, it's a drag and drop customizable outline that allows entries in the middle pan to be dragged and organized for future use in a tree-like structure.

Both of these appear to be simply just more implementations of independent multiple panes for file manipulation, rather than a work environment for actively working with a set of currently-hot files in a tree (left side), manipulating them (middle pane), and viewing them (right side). 

That's what I want to do in my "work environment" - I want to gather up a manageable set of files, organize them into priorities or whatever on the left, rename or launch them from the middle, and view them (so as to find which one to launch) on the right.  The order of panes isn't important but the ability to keep a set of "favorites" (including both files and directories) and then scroll through them (the middle pane) and view as I scroll (the right pane) is the key.  XYplorer and Freecommander and even the current Windows file explorers allow this basic level of function, but so far nothing in Linux (or even something in basic windows that really works in wine emulation.)

Yes I love multiple panes for copying and pasting files from one place to another, but I'm talking about actually working with the content of the files, not just shuffling them from place to place.

Here's another example of use of this:  Like most people I use multiple word processes, and multiple image editors.  Part of what I want is to be able to organize my files and then launch them with the "open as" dialogue in the program of choice at the moment.   

ALSO:  I previously asked the programmer of XFE if he would add a favorites pane, and he said that's on his roadmap but no promises.  That would be one way forward, but I really want the file preview function too.

What you state as a general premise towards software on Linux and Windows is the reason I gave up on my Linux experiment (and indeed my Mac experiment).  The difference in platform isn't the only difference.  There's a difference in mindset, and what the users think is important.  That leads to a difference in what is available, and trying to go from something that you've used and features that you need to a different platform is a very big exercise in futility and finding software that you can feel comfortable with.  I'm finding that same problem in going from iOS to Android even.

Good luck in finding it!

Thank you Wraith808 we are on the same wavelength.  I decided to post here because the forum and website seem oriented toward working toward practical solutions to existing problems, so maybe there is someone who will come across this thread who sees an opportunity for profit. I am a lawyer and able to use linux for 90+ percent of my work, but I still have to keep a Virtualbox running for several of my important organizational tools.

I'd certainly be willing to donate toward people who are willing to make linux more business-friendly, so maybe at some point something will "click" on this and similar projects.  There are so many reasons to work hard to avoid being totally dependent on Microsoft and Google.

What about MC, emelFM2 or Worker:

Have you considered terminal file browsers like Noise (,  nnn (, lf (, WCM Commander (, ranger (, Last File Manager ( or Vifm (

You can also try Fman (not free):

Have you used any of those?  Because (1) many of them you have to download and try to even see the features, and (2) many of them just outright don't have the features that were asked for in the OP, especially a terminal file manager (no drag and drop, no preview pane by design).   A list of file managers with nothing else when there are set requirements is less useful than it might seem, IMO.


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