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Linux File Manager With A Preview Panel and Favorites catalog

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Stop using inferior operating systems and join the Windows side of life. Problem(s) solved.

If you eventually resist this offer and there is no way to make you take the best chance you have  :P, it might be hard to fulfill your specific needs. I don't really understand why you dislike Krusader with its "KDE libraries" but you like Dolphin which uses "the KDE libraries" as well, but that might be just me.
The most missing feature in the available file managers seems to be a way to add bookmarks for single files. This might be related to the bookmarks management being closely tied to the underlying desktop's "bookmarks", e.g. GNOME bookmarks, which limit the feature set to their own. Windows does not have that. Hooray!

The only non-Windows file manager I found which can do that is muCommander which lets you enter file names as bookmarks - but it is written in Java, ugly as fuck and it lacks most of the other relevant features.

What I wouldn't give to have Xplorer2 for Linux...  :-\

Cicerosc, I've tried every file manager I could find for Linux and nothing but XFE could compare to Xplorer2, so I feel your pain a bit.  My first thought after seeing your screenshot was XnViewMP.  It's an image editor/viewer/organizer that does more things than I can use it for, and it has favorites, previews, folder view, etc.  It does not have a tree view, but that may be a configuration tick away, I just couldn't find it.  Then I saw you do word processing as well, so you need more than in image viewer.  I'm sorry I can't recommend anything better, but check out XnViewMP anyway, I think you'll find it useful.

P.S. I sometimes program little doodads in Freepascal with Lazarus.  I have been looking into programming a file manager that does what I want, but the task so far looks a bit daunting.  If I ever dive into it more seriously, I'll look you up.

Edvard thank you for your comments and I do use XNview and see its similarities to this discussion. I wish xnview could view office documents!  I have also checked out xplorer2 and agree that it fits with xyplorer and freecommander and dopus.  So there is room for at least four of these programs in the windows world but none in linux?  (to repeat an earlier comment, I've never been able to get dolphin to do this though it seems set up to do some previewing - but certainly not a favorite files pane)

Another program with similar paradigm to what we are talking about is "everdesk" and it also has the category / list/ preview format, but it is windows only and does not appear to me to be actively developing.

Since this format seems to be basic to the explorer in windows I am sure I am not the only linux user who would like the kind of functionality that we are discussing

It's a good idea, and maybe someone would jump on that, but unfortunately there's a place for 'snacks' which are smaller mostly single purpose programs, but nothing for larger prototypes and such.  You have to have an investment in doing so and committing to it- at least from my developer perspective, and knowledge of the subject at hand.  Hopefully someone sees this and is willing to look into it for you.

Since this format seems to be basic to the explorer in windows I am sure I am not the only linux user who would like the kind of functionality that we are discussing
-cicerosc (July 16, 2017, 08:03 PM)
--- End quote ---

I agree with Wraith808's comment to this that it seems Linux users have a different workflow paradigm from Windows users (in general), and that affects software design.  For insight, compare "Orthodox" vs. "Navigational" file manager concepts here:

Not much to be done besides contacting developers, and hopefully something happens in the near future.


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