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Linux File Manager With A Preview Panel and Favorites catalog

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It looks like that he has four options left:
- use the one (FM with GUI) that covers as many requirements as he wanted as possible
- try terminal based FM and see how it goes
- ask devs to add his requirements to the "will be added in the future" (if devs are not friendly, well ... good luck with that)
- leave Linux

Thanks again guys - no one paid you for your time and you didn't have to reply.  Alas Wraith808 remains correct.  With all the people who seem willing to program the same independent multi-pane design over and over and over again, I was hoping to happen onto someone who might be looking for a new twist in file managers, since that is what some of the people on this website apparently specialize in doing.

Short of someone in the linux world seeing the wisdom of the XYPlorer/Dopus/Freecommander approach, I guess I am doomed to limp along in virtualbox and/or wine.  Order me another glass, I suppose! ;-)

Take a look it these can help you out:

That suggestion of NewBreeze is interesting Panzer - thanks.  I left a comment with the developers.

One of the developers of NewBreeze wrote me back to say this:

"I have some plans similar to yours, but on the whole, the changes you suggest are substantial, and I am not willing to make so many changes. The Right Pane, yes. I will add it in the future. I find the TreeView in the sidepanel messy, but have plans to add it anyway. As for adding file to favorites, I am working on SuperStart, which will have support for files and folders bookmarking. If you want help building a file manager for yourself, I'll try to help you as much as I can. Most of the features you want are not that complicated. You can use most of the Qt classes as is and make do. It would make a very lightweight and a feature rich FM."

Unfortunately I am no programmer myself and doubt I could learn fast enough to make this worthwhile.

That's one of the reasons I posted on donationcoder.  I'd really like to do something rather that sit back and hope. Is there a method or a place - here on DonationCoder or otherwise - where it would make sense to post a prototype design and try to raise money to support development of a new (hopefully open source) programming effort?  Maybe forking off of the QT version of PCMANFM or some other current QT design?


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