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Ok people, in order to help people understand how they can use donationcredits link on their own websites and in their program about boxes, I'm going to create a list of all pages and programs which use a link to a members donationcredits page.

For more info on how and why to add a link to let people donate to you see:;sa=donationcredits;detail=links


In short, you can add a simple link from your page to:


Donate to Me


Donate to Me

SO, to help people get into the groove, we are going to use this thread to invite people to post the urls to their web pages that link to their donationcredits page, or list any donationware programs that link to it.

AND I am going to make a special page on our main website listing these, so it's a great way to get some attention to your site/program.

Spread the news!

Almost all the software on my site now has CodyCoin links on the pages.  :)

It is now on each page of both versions of my pedigree generator. :)

It's really cool, mouser  ;D

I've added the this link to my sidebar:  :-[

i'm going to add a feature so you can add some info to your link about what page the user came from when they donated to help you know.

and may i strongly recommend to people that they customize their donation "blurbs" in their forum profile to tell people who click on the donate link a little bit about you and that you do appreciate and welcome their donation - it makes people feel better about donating if they know they are donating to a real person who has real need of the donation.

i will soon be making a list of all pages with donationcredit(codycoin) links so please do keep posting the urls to your pages if you use them.


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